Summer Swimming Lessons

Kersey Recreation offers swimming lessons in collaboration with the City of Greeley Recreation Summer Swimming Lesson program. Below is a list of lesson dates, times, locations and fees.

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Summer 2021 Swimming Lesson Information

All swimming lessons will be held in Greeley; please note Parent-Tot, Preschool, Level 1, 2 and 3 will be located at Discovery Bay Pool (715 E 24th St.), and Level 4 and 5 will be located at Centennial Pool (2315 Reservoir Rd.). 


Session #1     June1-June 10 (Monday-Thursday, 7 total sessions)

Session #2     June 14 - June 24 (Monday-Thursday, 8 total sessions)

Session #3     June 28 - July 8 (Monday-Thursday, 8 total sessions)

 Session #4    July 12 - July 22 (Monday-Thursday, 8 total sessions)

 Session #5    July 26 - August 5 (Monday-Thursday, 8 total sessions)



 Parent-Tot: 10:15am-10:45am  @ Discovery Bay Pool       0-3 years

 Preschool:  10:15am-10:45am  @ Discovery Bay Pool       3-5 years

 Level 1: 11am-11:30am  @ Discovery Bay Pool                   4-6 years

 Level 2: 11am-11:30am  @ Discovery Bay Pool                   5-7 years

 Level 3: 11am-11:30am  @ Discovery Bay Pool                   6-8 years

 Level 4: 10:45am-11:15am  @ Centennial Pool                    8-10 years

 Level 5: 10:45am-11:15am  @ Centennial Pool                    9+ years



 Parent-Tot: water entry/exit, cur words, floating, arm movements, safety

 Preschool: gliding, floating, rolling, alternating arm and leg movements, safety

 Level 1: submerge, rolling, flutter kick and crawl strokes, safety

 Level 2: bobbing, open eyes underwater, pick up submerged object, front    back arm strokes, safety

 Level 3: jump into deep water, head first entry, rotary breathing, tread water,    butterfly kick, backstroke, safety

 Level 4: feet first diving, butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, side swimming,    scissor kick, safety

 Level 5: shallow dive, gliding, back and survival float, butterfly, backstroke,    breaststroke, sidestroke, diving, safety